A new world

  A week has passed since my first post and a lot has been going on! In a series of delayed flights and airport sprints my mother, grandmother and I all made it safely to San Sebastián for a week. We have had a great time exploring the city and local cuisine, getting myself acclimated …


"I go to seek a great perhaps." A quote from a dead poet Francois Rabelais. John Green notes this line in his book, Looking for Alaska. For years I have been obsessed with this, always in the back of my head wondering when I would find my own great perhaps. An opportunity was brought to my attention when I came to Roanoke College: study abroad. So here is the situation-- I move across the ocean alone to a country I've never been to, live with people I've never met, speak a language that is not my first and also I have to learn to cook for myself because I don't get a meal plan. Sounds terrifying, so of course I immediately signed up. (Click post to read more)