Snowglobe Suiza

Apologies for the late post but the final weeks of school have been incredibly overwhelming! Anyways… my solo trip Switzerland trip finally came after MONTHS of waiting and planning. Literally a dream come true. Interlaken was unbelievably beautiful in the winter with fresh powder. It was just like one of those snow globes with miniature cities inside of them.

Travel time to get there was a bit rough but once I arrived it was smooth sailing onward. Friday I was supposed to skydive, but due to a huge blanket of fresh snow I decided to postpone it to Saturday in hopes for clearer skies. Instead, I did a big snowshoe excursion. Easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever done… hiking up a mountain in 2+ feet of fresh snow with rackets attached to your feet is not as easy as it appears! The views were 100% worth the struggle though, plus I made some friends along the way. That night I had some insane fondue with a few girls I had met, including my friend Sydney who I ran into yet again, and got a good nights sleep for my 8:30am bus to the skydiving site.

YES. I jumped out of a plane. In the Swiss alps. When it was FREEZING. Easily one of the craziest things I’ve ever done and I would do it 50 times over if I had the chance. I felt like I was conquering the entire world. (Definitely some of the uglier photos I’ve had taken of me in my life but a few turned out!!) skydiving was not only a literal, physical peak but also an emotional one. After my trip to Switzerland I feel incredibly confident in myself. Traveling alone is something I suggest everyone does at some point in their lives! I’m currently sitting in Pisa, Italy as I write this on another mini solo trip and Switzerland definitely made going to Italy alone for the majority of the time worth while.

After I went skydiving I took a hike and a gondola up to Mürren, a small, picturesque mountain village with an incredible view of the top of the Jungfrau, one of the tallest mountaintops in Europe. I was incredibly excited to see the town in the winter as it had been where my mom, grandma and I ventured to on our first trigenerational journey together, as well as Paris. It brought back memories and made me wish they were there to see it with me. No cars exist in Mürren and you can only reach it by gondola or cog train. I loved to isolation of it and how local everything was from the restaurants to the hotels to the little shops.

Switzerland was nothing less than a dream, and its hard to put it all into words. From the views snowshoeing to skydiving to a day trip to Mürren to Lake Brienz, everything was perfect. It reminded me a lot of the movie Frozen (as cheesy as that may be) in so many ways. When I was jumping out of the plane I literally could’ve had “Let it Go” as the theme song playing in the background if it had been a movie.

As the semester comes to a close I find myself revisiting memories and trips more often and getting very nostalgic. It doesn’t feel like I am going to be returning to real life in such a short time. The friends I’ve made have become like family in these few months and I come to call San Sebastián home more than the USA when I’m talking to people. The phrase “when are you going home?” in general in the past few months has triggered a response of “oh a few days” or “tomorrow” when I am on trips… but now it is starting to be confused with “Home” Home in Cleveland. What a life… to have a place to call home on the coast of Spain and in the USA.

I’m planning on writing two more blog posts… one to recap my last two weekends in Florence, Pisa and Rome and a final blog to sum up the semester once I return to the states. As of now, EATaly has treated me quite well;) ciao for now!


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