Over halfway there

Many apologies for not writing last week, I got pretty sick and had no motivation to do anything (including blog) honestly. In other news though… I’ve officially passed the halfway point of the semester and will be home in less than 7 weeks!! Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Over the next 7 weekends I will be traveling 5/7 of them as well… so much to do in so little time! Also a big shout out to my family who will be arriving in Spain 3 weeks from today!!!! Beyond excited to spend time with them, this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing my parents or sisters!

Two weekends ago I spent more time in San Sebastián. It was a very low key weekend, the highlight definitely was the cider house tasting my friends and I went to. It was great to experience the specialty basque cider an eat (of course). Spanish and basque food in general is becoming some of my favorite; I swear I eat octopus tentacles at least once a week. My friend Megan’s homestay mom invited us over for some home cooked paella dinner as well last week which was incredible. The friends I am making abroad are a blast to hang out with and I am so happy because I was honestly a bit nervous coming here knowing no one.

This past weekend I ventured to Barcelona and spent some time with my friend Hollie. So lucky to have friends in cities all over Europe this semester! Barcelona is so beautiful. I loved exploring the streets and seeing all the amazing architecture and landscape. I had an amazing brunch at Brunch and Cake, definitely one of my favorite meals I’ve had since being here. Sagrada Familia was one of the most amazing architectural wonders I have ever seen. My favorite part of Barcelona though was definitely Park Guell. The view of the city, the twists and turns of the park and of course the mosaic tiled architecture was breathtaking. It was also super fun to see some friends from home out and about! A little taste of home abroad.

Reflecting back on my now over 2 months that I have spent here, I definitely can say I would never change my mind about studying abroad. The experiences I have had have taught me so much… like not to cry over a cancelled flight ((or a black eye.)) basically just not to stress the small stuff so much. I find myself so much more relaxed and happy with life in general on a daily basis. As I enter the final stretch of my semester, I am excited for a few solo excursions to really test my newly built confidence, as well as to come home with a much more positive outlook on life.

As busy as I am, I will continue to try to write every week! Currently I’m on a plane for my third trip with Nat…Amsterdam here I come!!

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