Oktoberfest: the highest and lowest point thus far

Apologies for the late post! I have been very busy the past few days with school work after a busy weekend in Munich at Oktoberfest.

What a time. After barely making my connection in Madrid to purchasing my drindl at the last minute on Friday in a random train station, Saturday finally came around. Natalie, our friend Hannah and I woke up around 6:45am to prep ourselves for the day. We arrived at the tents around 7:45am to wait until 9am when the doors finally opened. “Please proceed slowly!” The overhead speaker said. Annnnnnd so naturally thousands of people broke out into a mad dash–the one goal being a table at Haufbrau Haus. Nat, Hannah and I were lucky to get a spot at a standing room table. My first beer and pretzel were in my hands around 9:15am (super healthy breakfast!) and the day began. 


Honestly, my favorite part of the day was seeing so many people who I knew from home as well as all my new friends from USAC on my program. It was great to see my Laurel sister Paige Jeckering, as well as my long lost childhood friend Sydney Doerge 🙂 catching up with everyone felt great! We all had a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Huge shout out to Natalie Souleyrette for being my compadre!! Oktoberfest was one of the best days I’ve ever had.


Around 7:30pm I was pretty tired so Natalie and I agreed to chill out for a bit before we walked home. As I was walking out of the tents that evening, a girl came sprinting out of no where and we collided; not sure what part of her body hit my eye, but it was easily one of the most painful experiences of my life. And yes, I did in fact get a very gnarly black eye. Not fun at all, definitely scared some babies in the airport the next day.

All in all, Oktoberfest and Munich definitely lived up to my expectations. I’d been planning the trip for months and it was a great feeling to see it all come together. Even with the black eye, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!

Up next, I fly to Milan, Italy for a weekend exploring the city and Venice as well! Another weekend with Natalie and I couldn’t be more excited to spend so much time with one of my favorite human beings! Until Monday! (I promise I will be prompt!!)

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