Falling into routine

It’s been a great first week in my apartment and San Sebastián feels more like home everyday. I am loving my classes so far, which is definitely a plus. Another a huge perk is that I don’t have any Friday classes, so any traveling I want to do won’t affect my attendance. I am convinced that at least 60% of the population has dogs also and they are all very well behaved and adorable! (I want to make a post one day of just dogs I find, and call it “Dogs of Donostia,” but we will see…) I also joined a gym beachfront called La Perla where I can either watch Gossip Girl on Netflix or simply enjoy the view from the treadmill! Grace and Maria, my roommates, are awesome to hang out with and I’ve been actively planning trips with them…super exciting! We have had a few fun nights out here also and I can tell we’re going to have a great semester together. There have definitely been some adjustment moments too, some examples being:

-late to school the first two days because I didn’t understand public transportation

-unsuccessfully hard-boiling 4 eggs in a row

-mini fridge+3 people=daily grocery shopping because it’s impossible to fit too much in at once

-apartment wine key is impossible– multiple wounds later, so now we got ((bad blood..;)) a new one (and band-aids)

Otherwise we are thriving here on calle Hondarribia! It’s only the first week so I am sure I’ll get the hang of this soon enough. It is definitely nice to begin building a routine.

Some other handy information I have learned (**for anyone planning to study abroad**) is that it is definitely not cheap to fly by the seat of your pants every weekend! Trip planning in advance will definitely save money, so since I’ve settled in I have booked flights many weeks in advance (shout out to Mariana for being down for anything and everything with me!) Booking flights and trains is definitely the most costly part of traveling for me since San Sebastián is smaller and direct flights are sparse. Luckily, there are a few cities around that have cheaper flights and there is easy transportation to the nearby airports. Thursday night after class I’ll be on my way to Lisbon with some of my new friends (and Mariana, of course) for the weekend! Can’t wait to write all about it next week:) Until then!

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