“I go to seek a great perhaps.”

A quote from a dead poet Francois Rabelais. John Green notes this line in his book, Looking for Alaska. For years I have been obsessed with this, always in the back of my head wondering when I would find my own great perhaps. An opportunity was brought to my attention when I came to Roanoke College: study abroad. So here is the situation– I move across the ocean alone to a country I’ve never been to, live with people I’ve never met, speak a language that is not my first and also I have to learn to cook for myself because I don’t get a meal plan. Sounds terrifying, so of course I immediately signed up.

Those who know me well know I am not exactly the most independent person,  and it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. This being said my adventure abroad is definitely coming at the right time in my life. After a rough, to say the least, sophomore year it is definitely time for me to have a clean slate and a fresh start. The world seems very small when you are incredibly absorbed in how people view you. I have felt a lot like I lost myself in the past few years, and I have been searching for people to put me back together rather than just doing it myself. So I’m putting on my big girl pants, moving to San Sebastián Spain, and going to get my life back. Let’s just hope I don’t pull a “Taken” because I do not think my dad is Liam Neeson with a special set of skills to save me from scary human traffickers.

I leave America on Tuesday, August 29th (tomorrow) and return Tuesday, December 19th. My mother and grandmother are going to be flying over with me and staying for a week before I move into my apartment. The three of us traveled to Europe together when I was 12, so I am very excited to have such a fun opportunity to spend some time with them there again. The city I am living in, San Sebastián, is located on the northeastern coast of Spain, pretty close to the French border. I’m going to take three Spanish classes, travel Europe, and of course find my great perhaps. Also I am leaving the old Lainey behind because I can’t fit anxiety, self doubt and all of my moral hangovers in my suitcase:) (I also can’t fit half my clothing, because my wonderful mother whom I love has decided she is going to use half of my suitcase for her week worth of clothing).

Hopefully I will be really good about posting on this blog as I plan to write every Monday night, but I will also be making an Instagram account and posting on my personal Instagram as well. Feel free to follow along both, personal is just @laineydecker and the travel Instagram @elaineinspain_. I will also be trying to post a few blogs in Spanish for fluency purposes but I will post English translations. For more on my great perhaps and motivation to study abroad, click the “My Story” link at the top of the page. Please feel free to reach out at anytime during the semester, Facebook message and iMessage will probably be best!

I am beyond excited to see where this adventure takes me. It’s a great feeling to get the opportunity to leave everything from my past and start fresh. To end this post I’d like to quote Taylor Swift’s new song (that I am obsessed with and if you hate it or her you are wrong and I don’t like you) “The old Lainey can’t come to the phone right now… why? oh, ’cause she’s dead.” 🙂

¡¡Envio besos a todos!! Smell ya in December, America 😉

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